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ASEAN Fire Alert App
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Each day, satellite imagery provides us information on hotspots in the ASEAN region. Using such data collated by the ASEAN Specialised Meteorological Centre (ASMC), together with online databases and mapping technologies, we are able to alert you, via our Mobile Phone App, whenever an area of interest to you has one or more hotspot/s. We are currently monitoring hotspot occurrences for 754 land parcels covering 286,088,280 sq km of the ASEAN region.

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263 registered users are now potentially receiving alerts via "Push Notifications" to their mobile phone whenever hotspots are detected within their land parcels/demarcated regions of interest. They can login to this website to view their land areas of interest (their demarcated land regions) and check out for hotspots.

On 24 May, 2017 07:00 PM (GMT+8hrs), there were 33 hotspots in the Asean Region (view hotspot map) based on data sourced through the ASEAN Specialized Meteorology Centre, including NOAA and MODIS data sources.

NEW FDRS Feature:  You can select locations to be your Registration Points for monitoring changes in Fire Danger Rating. When any of these coordinate points rises or lowers in Fire Danger Rating (based on Fire Weather Index - FWI), you will be sent a push notification alerting you. Login to your account and update your database with FDRS/FWI Registration Points. (view ASEAN FWI Map here.)

Other Updates:  To get you started quickly, we have now incorporated a library of pre-defined boundaries/polygons of interest that you can use as your default land parcels to monitor. You can further edit and refine your selected regions anytime. Registration as a "secondary" user will allow you to nominate one or more "primary" user who will all receive joint notifications on their respective individual registered/verified mobile smartphones. These new features are available for both Android and iOS devices (iPhone).